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This is a case of a customer who had brain cancer. His friend sent him the tea. Here’s his letter to us:

It’s hard to believe the power of nature, but I believe I’m alive today because taheebo tea may have helped me. I had a problem with my sinuses. I couldn’t breath through my nose. There was a growth in it and in July of 2009 I had sinus surgery to remove the growth. The growth was removed but a MRI detected that I had brain cancer - specifically lymphoma of the brain. The tumor was 1 inch in size.

The doctors recommended chemo and radiation treatments for my brain cancer. I started the treatments in September 2009. I was supposed to receive 15 chemotherapy treatments, one every three weeks, but they made me so sick that I was only able to endure 2 chemotherapy treatments. The radiation treatments were also started at the same time and they were administered to my neck. They were quite harsh as well. They made my skin start peeling and they made my throat get dry and hoarse, and to this day my throat is still so dry that often it’s difficult to swallow food.

I’d had the two chemo treatments in September 2009 and I completed all 39 radiation treatments by the end of November 2009. My brain cancer however was not getting any smaller, even though I literally was. Over a period of a couple of months while I was undergoing these treatments I lost 45 pounds and I was going downhill fast, and there were no other treatments the doctors thought would work.

In January 2010 a very good friend of mine was in Los Angeles and he came across the Taheebo Tea Club. He had them send me some pure pau d'arco taheebo tea. I started drinking 8 glasses a day. After a week I started feeling better. Instead of bringing up all the food I ate I was able to hold it down. I wasn’t eating any special diet but now my body was getting nutrients again.

About two months after I started drinking pau d'arco taheebo tea I went for a CT scan which had already previously been scheduled. The doctor nearly fell out of his chair. I didn’t have brain cancer any more. I’ve since been back for CT scans on a regular basis and I continue to be cancer free.

I’m still having problems with dryness of the throat because of the previous radiation treatments. In the mean time doctors are also telling me that my brain cancer will probably come back.

I'm continuing to drink 3 or 4 glasses of tea each day with the expectation that the cancer won't come back. I feel so good that I was getting bored staying at home, so I went back to work full-time. I’m thankful the tea may have helped me.

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