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Prostate Cancer


Taheebo tea is effective against all types of cancers because it works through the blood stream and of course cancer cells need blood to get to them just as healthy cells do. The big difference is that cancer cells work and live in an anaerobic environment which means they live in the absence of oxygen and they get their energy from sugar instead of from oxygen like healthy cells do.


From the cancer cases that we have, we get more prostate cancer cases than any other types of cancer. Not because the tea is more effective for prostate cancer, but, simply because prostate cancer is the most prevalent since 80% of men are going to contract prostate cancer by the time they’re 80 years old.


One day a man from Phoenix called and said, “I don’t know if you remember speaking to me 4 months ago, but, I had prostate cancer that was aggressively metastasizing through my whole body, my bones, everywhere, and you told me to drink at least 8 glasses a day, or more, as much as I could humanly stand. So, I literally took that to heart and I was drinking a gallon a day, which is 16 cups. I was drinking so much of your tea that sometimes I’d be drinking and have to go pee at the same time. But, I’ll tell you what, in 4 months I don’t have cancer anymore.”


Another customer from Beaumont, TX called and said, “Five years ago I had prostate cancer and my PSA level was 1,200. It was so high they didn’t even want to give me chemo. So, I started drinking your tea, and not only am I still alive, my PSA level is 1.25!”


Another man from Saskatchewan, Canada called and said his PSA level had been 2,100 when he started drinking the tea. He was getting his PSA level checked every 2 months. In 2 months his PSA went from 2,100 to 100. In 4 months down to 10, and after 6 months it was at 1.80!


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